Asian Culture discovering Mongolia!

    Today we will be discovering Mongolia! 

  • Genghis Khan 

     Mongolia's capital is Ulan Bator.

Genghis Khan 

Genghis Khan was likely born in the year 1162 to the name of Temujin. His father had kidnapped a young bride as she rode home with her young husband after their wedding and made his own bride of her. This was Temujin’s mother. Temujin was born with a blood-clot in his hand which was supposedly a sign of a great ruler. After Temujin’s father was killed his family was forced to live in exile where Temujin and his full brother killed their half brother. To pay for this Temujin spent five years in slavery and was freed at the age of sixteen. Temujin was elected Khan at the age of 27. The name Genghis Khan came to mean Oceanic Leader of all Mongolia. Genghis quickly became known for his brutality as he conquered land, horse-dragging and boiling his victims alive. In the year 1214 Genghis’ army numbered only 100,000 but many tribes set out to join him and by the year 1219 he controlled from Northern China to the Afghan border, from Siberia to the Tibetan border. From Turkey to Russia was added shortly after. Even though Genghis is known for his brutality, in his army he forbade the kidnapping of women and in his empire he guaranteed religious freedom, forbidding the killing of priests, nuns, monks, and any other holy people. Genghis conquered more in 25 years than the Roman Empire conquered in four centuries. He died in Autumn of 1227 and his name is still revered in Mongolia today. 




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